Its how wondering we already knew about what is going to happen tomorrow is it rain or its sunny day i.e. weather forecasting its just because of prediction or predictive analytics. There are various upcoming future decisions which we already knew by the advancements of this technology.

Predictive analysis is an advanced machine learning form which uses all sort of mathematical and statistical analysis to predict something about future based on the data and machine learning algorithms. It uses many technologies like Data mining, machine learning, statistics to make predictions about future. Predictive analytics softwares extracts the data from the existing data sets for predicting future outcomes and trends and for determining the patterns. This type of analysis clearly does not give us the exact information about future that is what will going to happen. It forecast what might will happen, acceptable level of reliability and includes what if scenarios. To give the better predictions it requires the large amount of data, Data storage and more computing power. Firstly, we have to train the data on large data set that can be used for predict values and we can get the new values, data or new result.

Generally, predictive analysis models are of two types: - classifications models and Regression model. Classification model is based on the classes like whether it is good or bad, gives the approximate result or not and other side regression model gives us the result in the form of 0 and 1 like how much scores the customer generates.

Applications of predictive analysis: -

  • Prediction analysis softwares get the vast advancements in several areas like banking, insurance, marketing, financial services, health care, medical domain and many more.
  • Now days many businesses also depend upon the predictions like agriculture is totally directly or indirectly linked with weather condition. planting irrigation and harvesting requires the perfect weather. For farmers and all others businesses whose totally relies on weather for them prediction is very useful and this technology pays them more.
  • Based on the performance of various players in previous matches prediction can be done which team will win in the upcoming matches. Prediction does not give the 100% accurate result but it gives us the probability value whose chances is more who can shine today or many more.
  • Airport control authorities are also totally depending upon the weather conditions.
  • Online marketing is also depending upon predictions. It is the one area which has significant business impact. To identify the trend in the browsing history of the website retailers provides the analytics tools for predictions. So, we can get the accurate result and can increase the company's sale which is beneficial for us.
  • In the medical domain, prediction analytics software plays the very important role by predicting the diseases, symptoms of body and their consequences we can detect the what will happen next recovery or not, symptoms are good or bad according to that doctors can start treatment.

There are many more examples in real life are available of prediction analysis which is very useful for us and for the better future. In many areas this technology is growing very fastly and prove better for regular life.

Importance of prediction analysis in Today's world: -

Now days there are many softwares of predictive analysis are available which is very helpful for prediction and gives us the accurate result like MATLAB, Rapid minor studio, IBM predictive analysis, google cloud prediction API, Microsoft R, Minitab, Angoss predictive analytics, SAS predictive analytics and many more.

Predictive analysis are playing a main role, supporting industries to make their projects with their accurate results, reliable and less costly. When any work is done by perfection and after complete analytics then it will surely make better than it is huge competitive advantage to our competitors.

We make models, projects by using the prediction, predictive analysis technology and provide the best of our services to the customers.