What is speech recognition ?

Think, how it looks incredible when our system responds according to our instructions and understand our language. Speech recognition is the capability of an electronic device to identify words, phrases in the spoken language and convert them to machine readable format. This technology is used to replace the methodologies of input the data like typing, clicking or selecting in other ways

Speech recognition does not focus on who is speaking i.e. speaker of that audio rather it deals with what is being spoken in the audio. It works hand in hand with machine learning and deep learning. It involves many algorithms to separate speeches of one person from another, processing, preprocessing and post-processing the speech.

How speech recognition works: -

Many of the speech recognition system can support only English language but some systems, software supports multiple languages. To understand the different languages and different accents it requires the unique dictionary and different algorithms. Some softwares are trained likely that they can understand our language more precisely and adapt it over the long time so that they give us the better and accurate result. A microphone's record our (person's) voice and then hardware converts the signal from analog sound waves to digital audio. And after that software responds accordingly.

You can talk to your system or device and it uses what you said as input to trigger (automatically modified) some action.

Let us take an example if I give the input who am the system can automatically understand what I am trying to saying and what would be the next word and after that the software shows on to the screen the next word which has more probability. Like after the who am the next world automatically recognizes as the pronoun I rather that the similarity with other words but less probability eye. Sometimes human interferences is required to correctness of the sentence or errors.

Applications of speech recognition: -

Now days, this technology is attaining success at very large scale in many areas. Google assistant and Apple's Siri is the biggest example of speech recognition technology. Voice dialing is also very famous, when we speak any word or phrase like call to anyone (so-called alias dialing such as call home, office) system is enable to call to those number without any need to input the data or pressing the button. This shows that the how this technology is becoming more impressive day by day.

In the education and daily life, speech recognition can be useful for learning purpose. It takes few minutes to understand the human voice and gives back to respond accordingly. It can teach proper pronunciation; with their speaking skills it can help the person to improve the fluency.

At the time of using the search engine there is difference between how we verbalize the query and how we type the text for search. With the verbalize the query in search engine the result accuracy will be significantly increased because when we type the query the user may have in trouble to search the data what is that text, they have to put in. As speech recognition improved public views search engines also changed.

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