Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems has the ability to automatically learn from data and improve from the experience. The machine learns from the data as well as the patterns and make decisions without minimum human interference. Machine learning is an approach followed in programming wherein the computing machines are programmed such that they can make decisions by their own. It is the one of the future of the predictive supply chain. In simple, the main aim of the machine learning is the training the machines from a huge dataset, learn from past experience and adjust their actions accordingly.

How machine learning works?

"A Baby learns to crawl, walk and then run. We are in the crawling stage when it comes to applying machine learning" DAVE WATERS

Firstly, in the initial stage we have to train the machines, how the actions can be performed how the work can be done after that when it completely trained, machines perform their actions by their own take their own decisions and learn from the past experience and after that act accordingly.

It usually involves the two phases: - training and inferences. In training, the code is enriched with high amount of data and the program learn the insights from the data. With this training, a model is generated and hence with that model machines used to make predictions on unseen and new data without any explicit code for that new data. The term here inferences refers to the taking the model which is already trained and use that model in our project to attain the accurate result and to attain the useful predictions. Inferences also called the alternate of testing.

Example Of machine Learning: -

  1. In the medical domain, machine learning is the fast-growing technology. In the health care this technology helps medical experts to analyze the data to identify trends that may leads to improved diagnoses and treatment.
  2. In the financial services like in banking system machine learning is used to identify the important insights in data or also prevents fraud.

Importance of Machine learning in Today's world: -

Every day we use the applications of machine learning Such as online recommendation system from amazon and Netflix. Machine learning also used to detect the human emotions and expression and their feelings in a particular situation. Now days machine learning also puts the great effect in domestic lives Amazon's echo and Alexa allow for the voice activated control of our smart phones. This shows that the how machine learning is improving very vast day by day at large scale.

"Humans can typically create one or two models in a week, machine learning can create thousands of models in a week" Thomas H. Davenport