What is Natural Language Processing?

It's how wonderful a computer, a machine can understand human language just because of natural language processing (NLP) Think, now days how fast the technology improves and spreading over the various areas.

NLP is a component of artificial intelligence that deals with all the communication stuff. Natural language processing is the ability of the computer programs to understands the human language and called the tool kit of machine learning which provides support for processing words, documents and speeches etc. The main motive of NLP is making computer to performs all the tasks which human being used to do with the natural language. Speech and written text can be input and output of natural language processing system.

How natural language processing system works: -

Motive of Natural language processing softwares is to made a software which will analyze the human languages, can understand it properly and also can respond accordingly.

Working of natural language processing includes the five steps: -

First and foremost, step is lexical analysis or syntax analysis which involves analyzing the structure of words that makes the grammatical sense.

Second step involves the syntactic analysis and parsing which shows the relationships in between the words.

Third step is semantic analysis checks the proper meaning of sentence i.e. any sentence which is written in the file is has the proper meaning or not if any sentence has not the proper meaning semantic analyzer discards that sentence.

Fourth step is Discourse integration. It checks the meaning of the sentence of previously one or next incoming sentence so that NLP software can predict their data accordingly and also can react the same.

Last and fifth step is Pragmatic analysis it involves all the aspects of language which require real world knowledge and pragmatic analyzer reinterpreted the sentence with it actual meaning.

By this way the natural language processing (NLP) software works and gives us the better and accurate result.

Applications of NLP is: -

Have you ever noticed when you use search bar for search anything and you get the automatically next relevant searches related to your text? And also, you got your content from those searches. This all task is performed by natural language processing softwares and called the text classification and text categorization.

Auto correction and spell checking is the common example of Natural language processing. In the speech recognition, natural language processing is used to identify the text, understand it properly and convert the human voice to machine readable language so that we can get the better and correct result.

There are the various NLP's application are available in the real world from where we can see that the how this technology is too Impressive.

Importance of natural language processing in today’s world: -

Now days the importance of natural language processing can be seen everywhere. NLP improved the accuracy and efficiency of any document so it is widely used. In the medical domain this technology is used to analysis the patient’s record and to check the growth of the patient. By this technology, its very easier to perform the sentiment analysis. Natural language processing softwares makes the possible by easy way to learn and analyze from a greater range of data sources.

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