What is computer vision?

If we want machines to think, we need to teach them to see.Fei Fei Li

Secure our gadgets from the unauthorized access by using the face recognition security option is now days very popular. This is the biggest example of computer vision. Today's world this technology is achieving success at very large scale in many areas.

Computer vision or CV is defined as the field of study that deals with how to develop the computers so that the computers can see and can understand the content of digital images such as photographs and video. Basically, computer vision is the branch that deals with image and camera interfacing. It involves capturing images, process it and implementing machine learning on those images. Typically, we use cases be like smart cameras, facial unlocks in phone, suspicious behavior detection etc.

How computer vision works: -

Although the working of computer vision is complex but the result is accurate as human eye. The working on this technology is same as that working on the millions of the calculation in a second. Before train the computer firstly we have to understand the what, the image represents, try to make sense of what's in the picture and try to understand the bigger picture of how to extract the information from those pixels.

As Human eye is going through more complex phenomenon of understanding the environment same as the algorithms of the computer vision faces too many complex problems to understand the proper rules and formulation.

Applications of computer vision: -

Controlling processes controls all the typical actions and used to check the effectiveness of the machine example: - industrial robot.

For the navigation of the processes mobile robot and autonomous vehicle is used is the common example of computer vision.

One of the most important domain i.e. medical domain is used computer vision technology for medical image processing characterized by getting the information from image data to diagnose a patient. Measurements of organ dimensions, structure of brain, blood flow all can be analyze by the computer vision technology.

In the industrial area, computer vision is used for the security purpose and at the construction site this technology is used to protect the workers from any incident by telling them the how far another machine or thing is placed from them i.e Detecting event.

It is also used for the object detection i.e. where the object is placed in the photographs.

For recognizing the object i.e. what are in this photograph and where are they object recognition is used.

There are many more applications are available of the computer vision that runs very smoothly and gives us the accurate and best result.

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