“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.” - Alan Turing.

It seemed unbelievable to me how a machine is capable of understanding text as same as we humans do. Had you ever thought about logic How a machine and human can interact with each other?

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According to Google Dictionary Natural Language Processing is the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language and speech. In simple NLP is to train a machine in such a way so machines can understand the humans natural Language. As well as the machines are able to understand a text in a language and it also having the required knowledge to translate it into another language. NLP basically deals with all the communication stuff.

The systems which is based on Natural Language Processing have enabled a wide range of applications such a Google’s Powerful search engine and more recently Amazon’s voice assistant ‘Alexa’. Natural Language processing is also useful to teach machines the ability to perform complex natural language related tasks such as Machine translation and Dialogue generation.

Its not an easy task teaching machines to understand how we communicate, how we interact with each other and to train machines about human language. Working of Natural Language Processing includes the various steps like lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, Discourse analysis, Pragmatic analysis. Follow this if you want to know more about working of Natural Language Processing.

Examples of Natural Language Processing: -

  • Language translations Applications like Google’s Translator and Microsoft’s skype translator is the biggest application of Natural Language Processing. Translators understand the human’s natural language and respond accordingly. Google translator can translate multiple forms of text and media, which includes text, speech images and videos. Image translation, Document translation, speech translation, Mobile app translation, Website translation are also the functions of Google translator. Through Skype translator we can translate our words in every language.
  • Personal Assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Cortana can understand the human voice just because of natural Language Processing Algorithms and take actions accordingly.
  • In Google’s search we can search our get out answer of our query either by typing the value i.e. text or by voice. Method doesn’t matter you can follow any one of the ways but at the end you will get the absolute correct result.
  • Text Summarization that is Auto correction and spell checking can also be implies by Natural Language Processing.
  • Word Processors such as Microsoft Word and Grammarly that employ NLP to check grammatical accuracy of texts.

Why Natural Language Processing is difficult?

Nature of Human Language makes the Natural Language Processing difficult. When a single sentence carries different meanings at that time ambiguity arises then its very difficult for the user to understand or its difficult too to train the machines according to that data. To train the machine or to make the machine capable in such a way that they can understand human’s language easily for that we required a proper knowledge about the languages. Firstly, we have to get knowledge properly about languages especially the words which has different meanings after that we can teach machines accordingly and can get the better and accurate result. These reasons make natural language processing difficult.

Why Natural Language processing is important: -
“A computer could be considered intelligent if it could carry on a conversation with a human being without the human realizing they were talking to a machine.” -Alan Turing

By combining the powers of Artificial intelligence, Computational linguistics and computer science NLP allows machines to understand the natural languages and capable machines to learn and perform tasks according to given statements.

Natural Language processing plays very important role to spreading the other technologies widely. For example, our Mobile phones has the feature of predictive text and handwriting recognition. This technology is very helpful for those users also who are nonfamiliar with computing society and who have no knowledge about these types of computer terminologies. Due to advancements in this technology today machines can analyze more languages-based data than humans.

Human language is more complex we have different emotions different meanings and different ways to express our feelings. Both verbal and writing ways are totally different from each other. But machines make our work easier through this we can easily perform any task without facing any type of problems.

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