Applications of Artificial Intelligence

When we think about the word Artificial intelligence then the brain invokes the picture in our mind is Robots like big machines destroying the world or taking the place of human but thankfully, the real scenario is totally opposite. Artificial intelligence is one of the powerful technologies as of now and for future. Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that make for the purpose that machine behaved like same as of human intelligence.

There are various services or areas of artificial intelligence which plays very important role to increase the advancements in today’s world. Various services are: - Machine learning, Speech recognition, Computer vision, Natural language processing, Recommendation system, Deep learning, predictive analysis and many more. If you want to know more about these services then visit

Let’s start the new blog new list of applications of artificial intelligence in real world.

  1. Smart Recommendation system: -Recommendation system is the biggest and common application of Artificial intelligence. It works on recommending products or services to the user based on his/her interest. It compares one user with another user and after experiencing the previous things and the actions taken in past software recommended, suggest the things to user.
    • Google search recommendation
    • Autocorrections in keyboard
    • Social site recommending friends’ request
    • Recommendation in Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce websites
    • Recommendation in Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce websites
    • Videos suggestion in YouTube and Netflix

    There are various more examples of recommendation system are available in real world which suggest the things according to our taste according to our choices at the result of this we can do our task very quickly. It also gives us the better and accurate result.

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  2. Robotics: - Robotics is a branch of artificial intelligence which makes the purpose that robots can act like a human being, can act in a real-world environment and can perform any task without getting bored.Artificial intelligence programs usually operate in computer stimulated world and they make robots so that they can perform real world activities.
  3. It is the leading part of artificial intelligence in the technical world which makes machines for reduces the human effort. Robots are designed using the different sensors so that they can behave like human beings act like human, can recognize physical conditions like temperature, humidity, rain, light, distance etc.

    AI is continuously growing in IT world SOPHIA robot is the biggest example of this. ‘SOPHIA’ The world’s first ever robot citizen. Sophia has the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. We had never dreamt about before the launching of this robot but yes, its possible due to advancements in technology. A robot ‘SOPHIA’ has sense of humor, she can express feelings, she wants to protect humanity, she can behave, act, talk interact with a person like a human being. From this, we can see that now days how this technology is attaining success at high level.

  4. Stock Market Analytics: -Everyday new algorithms are being used to analyze the human behavior and choices. It’s basically a time series analysis from this we can analyses the human behavior in the stock market to make accurate results of stock.By the predictions we can analyze the what’s going on user’s mind what they want. For making our business successful predictions rate is highly required. Its advanced form of artificial intelligence. Through which, we can know about various upcoming future decision which is very beneficial for us to fulfill the demand of customer and to attain the business requirements. In this there are various technologies of artificial intelligence is used like Data mining, machine learning, statistics. Whether it does not give the 100% accurate result but a little information about future can be very helpful especially in marketing.

  5. Auto Attendance Through Smart Cameras: -At current era, human being is developing the technology, launching advancements in technology just to reduces the human effort. Auto attendance through smart cameras is the biggest example of this. The traditional attendance system in school and colleges or other institutes is manually, till now everyone is following the same rule mark the attendance manually in registers sometimes which can be proved wrong. By, this method there is too much time consuming, probability of increasing the mistakes is higher. To, remove these types of disadvantages there is one more advancement in technology happen i.e. facial recognition. AI introduces the open source attendance taking function through which machine learning approach to build software, have to make data base and add the images in the data sets, specify the name of each and every image trained the data to identify the person by their unique ID and classification. The student who is present in the classroom camera detect those people automatically and mark present others did not mark. This is the time saving system, can work perfectly and gives us accurate result. This system is adopted by various organization, prove best for them and have various positive impacts.

  6. Medical Diagnosis: - When it comes to health, Medical treatment and most of the organizations related to medical Domain are relying on Artificial intelligence. By predicting the symptoms and action performed by patient machine can show the what the actually disease what is going to happen next. According to predictions of the body symptoms doctors can easily check IS the patient is recovering or not? after that they can start treatment. For the medical image processing characterized by getting the information from image data to diagnose a patient. Measurements of organ, structure of brain, blood flow, working of heart all can be analyze by the technology of artificial intelligence i.e. computer vision. Technology also helps to medical experts to analyze the data to identify trends that may leads to improved diagnoses and treatment.

  7. Generative AI: -In generative artificial intelligence made the things which is possible for machines to use like audio, video, text and images to create content. In this firstly we have to give data to machines they learn automatically after leaning the vocabulary, getting the process they created new file by their own.Various steps are available for learning by their own and for generate new files that is language translation, image understanding, sequence prediction, Generative AI also includes security, Better customer services, more targeted personalization, performance monitoring quality control. From this we get the unique and new values that’s why this technology is widely used and we get the better results.

  8. Chatbots and customer support: - There are many services and applications who support to user to chat with customer support. This is called the virtual assistant and now days every household has virtual assistant for controlling the appliances at home. In this speech recognition technology is used. This technology is used to replace the methodologies of input the data like typing, clicking or selecting in other ways. Speech recognition does not focus on who is speaking rather it deals with what is being spoken in the audio. Google Assistant and Apple Siri is one of the common examples of chatbots and customer support.
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  9. Crime detection: - Detecting Fraud and suspicious behaviour detection is the best example of crime detection. Now days big cities and organizations of all over the world are experimenting with using artificial intelligence because it gives the result very quick, best and most probably accurate. There are various big reasons that companies and government agencies are interesting to use artificial intelligence. Social media companies use machine learning to prevent user’s personal ID, personal data from an unauthorized access. Banks are using this technology to prevents their data bases from the malicious softwares Financial services companies using some interesting softwares of artificial intelligence for prevent their data. Now days if you have credit or debit card then probability of receiving the fake messages in your mobile phones is increases. Due to using this technology the probability of facing this type of crimes is less.

  10. Intelligent transportation: - Had you ever noticed? Why self-driven car is becoming more famous now days? Just because of the technology which is used in it and their features i.e. Artificial intelligence. By Development of this technology there is definitely drastic change occur which is very beneficial for us. To operate the vehicle, AI system collects data from vehicles radar, cameras GPS and from cloud services. This type of transportation includes the sensors, camera, radar and artificial intelligence to travel between source to destination without any human operator. Also, Advanced Deep learning algorithms can accurately applicable in this technology which gives us the better and accurate result and the cars makes the more effective and safer. Companies developing intelligent transportation / smart cars are Audi, BMW, Tesla, Toyota prii and many more. By the advancements of this technology, world our living style improved day by day and it becomes more impressive.

  11. Video Gaming: -Artificial intelligence is becoming the integral part in today’s world. In this combination of image processing and reinforcement learning techniques of artificial intelligence is used. It learns at the initial stage from the real player that how the user is playing based on that playing style, then plays the game by its own and take decision in order to maximize the winning chances. Nvidia released a pen drive type device to play PUBG by its own without any human interaction. This process is following not just in video games but chess, go board as well. In go game AI (Google deep mind) has beaten world’s best go player. In sudoku, Rubik’s cube as well, AI is doing well.
  12. There are many more real-life applications are available of Artificial intelligence that perform very well for developing the world.