A Big myth, “AI is stealing the jobs”.

“AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity” – Stephen Hawking

As every coin has two sides same as that everything comes in existence with both the aspects one is positive side and another shows their negative side.

Now days a big question or query arises in everyone’s mind i.e. AI is stealing the jobs or AI creates unemployment. Everyone has fear of losing jobs due to AI and automation. Because AI joined with Robotics is going to spread everywhere in many sectors.

For example,

  • To assemble products or any machinery in a factory may needs less human interference but the work can be completed fastly which reduces time. Most of the work may be done by machines but to interpreted or to handle the machines human employment is required. Here we cannot say that artificial intelligence is stealing the jobs. An assembly worker can do lots of work manually to assemble component parts and by that face risk of problems like injuries. Automation can reduce their stress, tension by making the assembly fast. So, that they can do other works giving more productivity.
  • In medical domain AI is used to understand medical records and carried out inspections of infrastructures we can see that various tests related to diagnosis, diseases can be done by machines before the advancements in technology there is no machinery no product like that for full body checkup. machines always required operator to operate the things or to identify any failure in this domain there is regular advancements in employment. so, there is nothing like that which can steal our job we need perfection and skills then we can do everything.
  • One more example of Machinery that reduces the human efforts and it proves beneficial for humanity is in the subject of automation. In manufacturing work factories introduces robots, though workers still often need to do part of the work. Robots may place blocks of engines but for install small bolts and fasteners human employment needed. Some factors, at least at this point are fully out of the boundary of robots such as creativity and emotional intelligence.

“Will robots inherit the earth? yes, but they will be our children” – Marvin Minsky

The top most myth or worry about Artificial intelligence (AI) is AI turning evil or AI turns conscious but the actual worry is AI turning competent with goals misaligned with ours. Robots or AI can inherit the properties of earth but they cannot take place of Humans. The Technology, Robots are becoming more advanced and more common and while they will eliminate some jobs, but they will also create them. Its important to remember that technological changes and advancements may cause some unwanted changes it has occurred for as long as humans have been around and when managed brings more benefits than harm.

Facts: -

It’s not just fact or it is not about stealing the jobs it’s about Artificial intelligence reduces the human stress and gives us the better results here are some facts about artificial intelligence that proves the how artificial intelligence is likely by humans.

  1. According the strategy analytics 41% of consumers believe artificial intelligence is improving their lives in some way. Consumers in India and China are more likely to embrace this technology.
  2. According to prediction of creative strategies 97% of mobile users are using AI powered voice assistants. These statistics shows that the how artificial intelligence is growing fastly day by day and liked by the people.

The AI economy is growing today at a large scale we cannot even dream it much as the internet gave birth to many of the jobs. It’s hardly matters is the job is manual or white collar if it is on time machine will do it. It is very important to learn the new skills how early as possible. AI shall not steal the jobs just like technological milestones pasts have done. It needs employees to get new skills and companies to retrain their employees. Both sides, it will steal old ones and also generate new ones this is the way how cycle moves on.

“Artificial intelligence is a tool, not a threat” – Rodney Brooks.

If you have skills and you are perfect in your own domain then nobody in the world can stop you for doing work or to create any thing by your intellectual mind.

So, stop thinking about those things which is meaningless and start working on to improve your skills. The main point is that AI is not stealing the jobs but yes, AI is changing the jobs by changing the jobs you can change yourself or can divert your mind according to the circumstances this makes the better for you and improve your alternatives.