Natural Language Processing

It's how wonderful a computer, a machine can understand human language just because of natural language processing (NLP) Think, now days how fast the technology improves and spreading over the various areas. NLP is a component of artificial intelligence that deals with all the communication stuff. Natural language processing is the ability of the computer programs to understand the human language and called the tool kit of machine learning which provides support for processing words, documents and speeches etc. Read more

Deep Learning

Deep learning is the subset of the machine learning that deals with the large number of datasets that human being uses to gain certain type of knowledge. It is the one of the trending technology. Deep learning allows machines to solve complex problems even it is relatively slow but exceptionally accurate. Deep learning requires large amount of labelled data for processing or to for perform the operations. It requires more deeper insights of data to train the model and can handle complex datasets as compared to machine learning. Read more
deep learning
speech recognition

Speech Recognition

Think, how it looks incredible when our system responds according to our instructions and understand our language. Speech recognition is the capability of an electronic device to identify words, phrases in the spoken language and convert them to machine readable format. This technology is used to replace the methodologies of input the data like typing, clicking or selecting in other ways. Speech recognition does not focus on who is speaking i.e. speaker of that audio rather it deals with what is being spoken in the audio. Read more

Computer Vision

Secure our gadgets from the unauthorized access by using the face recognition security option is now days very popular. This is the biggest example of computer vision. Today's World this technology is achieving success at very large scale in many areas. Computer vision or CV is defined as the field of study that deals with how to develop the computers so that the computers can see and can understand the content of digital images such as photographs and video. Read more
computer vision
machine learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems has the ability to automatically learn from data and improve from the experience. The machine learns from the data as well as the patterns and make decisions without minimum human interference. Machine learning is an approach followed in programming wherein the computing machines are programmed such that they can make decisions by their own. It is the one of the future of the predictive supply chain. Read more

Recommendation System

Recommendation system works on recommending products or services to the user based on his/her interest. It compares one user with similar user and recommend products according to that. Recommendation system recommend, suggest the things to the user according to their choices or according to previously taking actions which may effective reduces the time. Mainly, the companies use recommender system to increase the sales and to get the customer's experience. Read more

Predictive Analysis

It's how wondering we already knew about what is going to happen tomorrow is it rain or its sunny day i.e. weather forecasting its just because of prediction or predictive analytics. There are various upcoming future decisions which we already knew by the advancements of this technology. Predictive analysis is an advanced machine learning form which uses all sort of mathematical and statistical analysis to predict something about future based on the data and machine learning algorithms. Read more
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